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Business Exit Readiness Index

The Business Exit Readiness Index is an assessment that will provide you with a score for your current ‘financial readiness’ and your current ‘mental readiness’ for a future exit from your business.

The questions in the BERI report were designed not only to provide you with a score for your personal readiness but, more importantly, to get you to start giving some serious thought to what will one day likely be your largest financial and emotional transaction. As the owner of your company, there are many steps in achieving a successful exit. This BERI assessment is a logical first step on the path to success on this journey.

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Owner Dependency Index

The Owner Dependence Index™ (ODI™) is an important diagnostic tool to help owners see just how dependent their company is on them. One of the first steps toward increasing your company’s value is measuring and managing your level of involvement in running your business on a daily basis.

The ODI™ Report will assess your company’s Owner Dependence in several critical areas, including:

  • Owner Involvement
  • Internal Operations
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Governance and Ownership
  • Financial Matters
  • Performance Management
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Company Culture

Measuring and managing an owner’s direct involvement in the business is a critical first step toward creating more value in your business. The ODI™ Report will provide the basis for discussion and analysis of your options for achieving a lower level of owner dependency, which may ultimately impact the transfer-ability and value of your business, as well as the timing of your exit and even the exit options available to you. With this insight, together we can develop a Plan to reduce your business’ dependence, and begin preparing the Business for your future exit.

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