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Our Process

Personalized Design Evaluation:

The first two steps of our process will determine if or to what extent we should work together. There is no cost, obligation or pressure for this second opinion of your previous planning.

Personal Introduction

  • Discuss your forward-looking vision, values, goals, & objectives
  • Review the level of planning that you have already completed
  • Introduce our services

Engagement Proposal

  • Communicate in writing your objectives & our observations
  • Review a written list of services & value we feel we can add
  • Quote your precise financial planning fee

Our Planning Process

Data & Discovery

  • Obtain copies of all statements, documents, etc.
  • Refine your vision, values, goals, & objectives
  • Assess your investment expectations & insurance beliefs

"Rough Draft" Review

  • Review relevant design solutions
  • Discuss the pros & cons of each alternative
  • Model, project, & compare the selected combination of solutions

Final Plan & Implementation

  • Select & prioritize those strategies to be implemented
  • Coordinate the efforts of your other advisors, as necessary
  • Begin the implementation process

Value Realized & Personal Introductions

  • Review the estimated value you realized
  • Confirm the benefits of our working together
  • Identify and discuss whom you feel could benefit from our services

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